Program Outline

Startup Onramp comprises 10 weekly 3-hour workshops, following a logical progression from idea validation to product development, customer acquisition, investment, and growth.

The workshops are delivered by experienced facilitators and supported by guest presenters from the local region (including entrepreneurs, investors and subject matter experts) who also assist with mentoring.

The next program for 2020 has been postponed.



Week # Topic 1 Topics
Week 1 Introduction:
The programTerminology
The world of start-ups
Lean start-up methodology
First pitch – 2 minutes on camera!
Week 2 Distinguishing success from failure:
Hair on fire problems
Traits of successful founders
Metrics for success: worked examples
Case study
Pitch practice: what/why/how
Ideal pitch template + video example
Week 3 The value proposition:
What is it?
Value Proposition canvas
Workshopping the Value Proposition canvas Video examples of great pitches
Week 4 Branding:
Great vs poor branding
Lean canvas workshop
Video examples of terrible pitches
Week 5 Validation Board:
Hypothesis validation – customers, problems, solutions, value
Case studies
Pitching: a roadmap for creating a great pitch, workshopping ideas
Week 6 Legal basics:
Terminology Sample documents
Where to go for advice
Workshopping legal problems?
First pitch session: 2 minutes, no slides
Week 7 PR basics / Digital marketing PR case studies Second pitch session: 2 minutes, no slides
Week 8 Product development:
The customer journey
UX/UI case studies Third pitch session: start at the beginning or do the ending, with slides
Week 9 Customer Acquisition:
Process Mapping Costs
Fourth pitch session: the whole 5 minutes, with slides
Week 10 Introduction to investment and investors: The founder/start-up journey
Where to go next
Final pitch session: the whole 5 minutes, with slides

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