Trial Incubator Program – put your hand up who wants in?

You are invited to express your interest in a Trial Incubator Program run through 6 Degrees.

The trial will be a 10 week program with kick-off expected to be at the start of July 2018.

The program will involve a series of structured workshops to take you through

Startup ideas are all around us and the more we are at work the more we can think of. Unfortunately, it is much harder to actually quit your day job and start a company. This trial incubator program aims to give you, an aspiring startup founders the knowledge and skills you need to evaluate if your idea is worth investing more blood, sweat and $$ into.

This trial incubator is designed as a valuable pre-accelerator program to greatly improve your chances of being accepted into a startup accelerator in the future.

An information session will be convened for all interested participants in late June.

To express your interest, please contact email with your name, contact details and a brief description of your business or idea.

Or for further details email or call Fiona Barden on 6648 4082.

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