Do you have a tech innovation burning a hole in your pocket and you want to unleash it into the world but just not sure how? Whether you have been working away at it for a while or it is fresh and sparkly and keeping you awake at night  you should seriously consider taking the day out to attend this smashing workshop to be able to take your idea to MVP. This is especially for you if you have no idea what MVP means!

MVP = minimum viable product and it is the difference between

a) working away for months or years trying to perfect your solution only to release it to the world after spending loads of time, money (or both) to find you have a great product but nobody cares enough to pay for it

or b) quickly identifying what is your key problem you are trying to solve for your customers, developing a prototype that people can play with, use and give you instant valuable feedback so you can quickly modify your solution to fit the customer’s real needs at the minimum cost.

Which sounds better to you? If you choose b) then quick register now for your opportunity to be part of this hands on workshop with Aaron Birkby, Entrepreneur in Residence with Steve Baxter’s River City Labs.

This workshop is brought to you as part of the 2016 Telstra Business Centre Coffs Harbour Digital Innovation Challenge which is now open for entries from innovators across the Coffs Coast (Nambucca, Bellingen and Coffs Harbour). Spaces are limited and preference will be given to entrants in the Challenge.

WORKSHOP: APRIL 6 from 9am – 3pm @ Coffs Harbour City Square



Aaron Birkby, Entrepreneur in Residence – River City Labs Accelerator

Aaron is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the River City Labs Accelerator, he is also the co-founder and primary sponsor of the Silicon Lakes startup incubator on the Gold Coast where he developed and delivered the StartUp Really Fast (SURF) accelerator in 2014.

Aaron self-learnt to code at 8 and has started 14 businesses since the age of 16, including 4 successful exists. Aaron founded Arinda Internet, a backend cloud-based ISP billing and authentication system for public internet access, which he grew to 6 million users with over 2000 points of presence in 9 countries. Aaron has also developed and exited an IoT and remote telemetry solution.

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