3 winning reasons to sign up to the MVP workshop with Aaron Birkby

Our big workshop with Aaron Birkby on April 6 is fast approaching and I would like to share my top 3 reasons why you should book a ticket now:

  1. FAILING FAST – Speed up the process of getting your product / market fit right. This workshop will demonstrate the use a of lean startupĀ  process for you to put your digital business innovation through so that you can be more confident that what you are creating is actually delivering value or providing a solution to a real customer need.
  2. TEST ASSUMPTIONS – Even if you aren’t a tech head, this will give you practical tools to get out there and testing your business model assumptions. Part of the benefit of getting you business idea out from under the desk and into the light is to start shining the light on it and finding the gaps in the logic before you have invested too much in your solution. As they say “marry the problem not the solution” (they being Dan Greenburg of Sharethrough). And you may also meet someone with the coding skills to make it happen.
  3. BE A FINALIST – whilst it is no guarantee, we only have to look back to last year and see that just about all those who made it to the live pitch final were participants in our workshops.

And don’t take my word for it, word from the street – “Aaron Birkby is awesome” says Brendan Yell from Softlayer (some of you will have met Brendan at our Salon last year) and as the Cataylst Startup Manager for Softlayer he should know what he is talking about!




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